New York City

Ralph Lauren

Opened 2009 – 2700 sq. ft.

This latest addition to the Ralph Lauren presence on New York’s Bleecker Street originally began it’s conceptual life as a Children’s store. It went through several programmatic changes, including a Men’s vintage & tailored clothing shop, Men’s Black Label & Men’s Purple Label store before finally becoming a Women’s Apparel store. The sketches on this page show the project in it’s Men’s Purple Label phase.

The inspiration for the concept at this phase was taken from the vernacular of the types of tailor shops that existed on Bleecker Street at the turn of last century. I was interested in the ambiance of these old tailor shops where one would come to a trusted and familiar tailor to have bespoke clothing made to measure. The environment would be both intimate & eclectic.

The photos on this page show the look of the final buildout as a Women’s apparel boutique. The original inspiration helped inform the design for this final program as well.