Cheval Court

Saint-Petersburg, RU

12,000 SQ METERS

Currently under construction & in partnership again with visionary developers APD, Cheval Court is an ambitious project to restore Czarina Elizabeth's 18th Century Cavalry Headquarters into a set of luxury Residencies. Sitting at the heart of Imperial St. Petersburg, portions of the building date to the 1750's while parts were added in the 19th century and again under the Soviets. The 130,000 sf, 12,000 sm building will provide 12 residences, with an additional 12 pied-a-terres and amenities for the residents, to include a spa, gym, wellness & beauty salon, private bar, library & entertainment salon. Our passion for this project is shared by Michael Aiduss Interior Design, with whom we have partnered. Completion due in late 2022.