The Boat House

Greenport, NY

2,200 sq. feet / 204 sq. meters

It isn't often one is given the chance to save a piece of history, so when the opportunity to restore Greenport's old Boat House, we jumped at it. At only 1800 sq. feet, spread over 3 floors, the Boat House is uniquely vertical for a country house. But, of course, it was never intended as one. Sometime in the 1880's, a locally prominent family commissioned an elaborate Boat House for their waterfront estate. After it was built time passed, the family moved on and the Boat House was sold and moved. And there it sat for over 30 years. Slowly fading. The Clients fell in love with this old ruin, and asked us to attempt to restore it, simultaneously updating it to today and adding in all of the necessary services it then lacked. The project was a labor of love.